Ionenet Net - Who are We

Our company works fully on web development, translation, SEO marketing, web consulting and e-commerce. We work on all kind of legal websites especially sites on tourism, sports, business, dating and so on.

Our Mission

Our main mission is now the general production of web sites, either simple, database driven or e-commerce oriented. Our goal is to become an imposing company in e-business in the web, which is more and more competitive with each passing day.

Among our services we also offer some hosting and we are planning to include secure online payment solutions in several languages as well, always providing the best quality and continuously adding new improvements based on marked trends, because the web evolves more and more each day. We also have in mind several other projects.

Where We Are

Our company is officially located in Canada at the address below. But our staff is everywhere, because most of our representatives work at home, often in different countries. We have employees are scattered in several states, including Italy, France, Mexico, the United States and so on.


We work with the top quality standards in technology, our staff have the most updated working tools. We have replaced the old fax & phone system and we work exclusively with the new mix of chat and email. All our documentation - except the official and the third party one - is electronic.

Our final aim is to always provide the best service to our customers, by elaborating the new working concept of the company which is creativity/technology/innovation and by providing new business opportunities. Each day we work harder to meet this goal.

A special thanks to all our customers for trusting us. For any queries regarding our company, our services or anything else, please do write to us.